While you are waiting

Biblical advice for ‘Singles again’ desiring Re-marriage In my time ministering to Christians who were ‘single again’, there was always a need to sensitively address the ways in which such individuals were to conduct themselves and the posture their attitude and mind must adopt as Christians who were waiting for a new spouse for re- […]

When your plans change

Advice for Christian Single Parents No one sets out in life to become a single parent if their desire was to marry, have children and grow a healthy and happy family. When a Christian finds themselves a single parent after a marriage breakdown, navigating your new ‘normal’ takes a lot of adjustment. True Christians who […]

Moving forward.

Biblical Advice for Christians who are separated or divorced. I am often asked about the advice I offer to those Christians who find themselves in the grievous situation of a marriage breakdown and subsequent divorce. Below are two videos that were created at the beginning of Blended not Shaken Ministries, that offer counsel and support […]

Sing A Song Devotional Series 9 & 10

We are coming to the end of our 5 month series of devotionals surrounding the scriptures from ‘Sing a Song to Single Mums’. This month, my focus is on God’s Plans for our lives and this will be divided into two parts. Firstly, from Jeremiah 29, we will look at His plans for our good […]

Becoming a Woman of Excellence – Part 2

Lessons from Ruth Last month, I looked at the character of Ruth and attempted to ask the question- How can I become a woman of excellence? highlighting the diligence, hopefulness and integrity of Ruth from the scriptures and offered readers passages from the Bible that showed that pursuing excellence in all we do requires righteous […]