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My Two Houses is the first book I wrote for the children of Christian families affected by divorce. It is, in essence, my son, Jeremiah’s story. When he was three and four, I began to write in a journal the things that he would tell me about his struggles with having separated parents, of the exhausting ‘backwards and forwards’ from my house to his dad’s and being witness to our arguing and dysfunction. While the book outlines the sometimes sad, scary and strange aspects of having divorced parents, My Two Houses (like all my books) has a message of help and hope as well. Because, that is who our God is-the God of Hope and of Healing. My heart behind the book is to give Christian children of divorce a voice and the opportunity for their story to be told. Although My Two Houses is Jeremiah’s story, it is indeed, every child’s story of divorce. I desire that the book will provide help, hope and encouragement and be a catalyst for the inner healing needed.

Other products related to MY TWO HOUSES

As well as the book, we also present the book in a book pack. These items were chosen by Jeremiah. There is a small soft bear, a pack of 4 postcards of 4 images from the book and a bookmark highlighting the scripture from Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” The pack is good as gift for families affected by separation and divorce.

“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”. Phil. 4:13

In our FREE RESOURCES section of the website, you will find downloadable colour- in sheets of different images of the book that can be used in conjunction with the book in a school or church setting.

The day the first print run of MY TWO HOUSES arrived- 2014.

Whether you are someone who has been personally affected by separation and divorce, know of someone or work in an environment of children and families like a teacher, librarian, pastor or counsellor, I encourage you to consider purchasing copies of MY TWO HOUSES for a gift or use in your ministry or workplace.


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