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Advice for Single Parents

No one sets out in life to become a single parent if their desire was to marry, have children and grow a healthy and happy family. When a Christian finds themselves a single parent after a marriage breakdown, navigating your new ‘normal’ takes a lot of adjustment. True Christians who become single parents desire to do things God’s way. This blog helps Christian single parents for when their plans in life change.

For the first 5 Years of Blended Not Shaken Ministries, I offered support groups to single and step mums in various locations across Adelaide. We finished up the groups in November of 2020 with a High Tea Celebration of all the Lord did in and through the ladies in these groups and I presented a children’s picture book ‘Sing A Song to Single Mums’ dedicated to all the women I’d met during those years as well as those I knew are out there but may never meet this side of eternity.

Below are 2 videos I created during that time. The advice offered in these videos is still the same advice I’d give today.

If you are currently a single parent (although I specifically address mums in the videos) I pray the advice I simply give, really helps you.

May the Lord richly bless you as you seek to parent your children in His ways as outlined in His Word.

Points from the Video:

  1. Your children belong to the Lord
  2. Your relationship with the Lord is your top priority
  3. Encourage your children to walk with the Lord
  4. Love and Discipline Biblically
  5. Find a good church- and make sure you ASK for HELP!

Points from the Video:

  1. Pray continually
  2. Give your worries to God
  3. Give up control
  4. Make emotion-free decisions
  5. Use your time wisely

Blessings to you..


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