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My Family Bush can be purchased here: My Family Bush (soft-cover) – Blended Not Shaken

This book is a lot of fun! I think it makes you smile when reading it. Based on our own blended family story and our youngest child, Nathaniel’s life in particular, MY FAMILY BUSH helps to bring meaning to the concepts of ‘full’, ‘half’ and ‘step’ as they apply to blended family relationships whilst highlighting that all families (within a biblical framework of a mother and a father or a single parent) are special and are loved by God.

In the Free Resources section of my website, you will find downloadable PDF’s of colour-in sheets related to my books:

“God sees all families as very special! My family tree might look like a bush rather than a tree… but it’s my family and I love them very much! And so does God!”

“Every family is different. No family is exactly the same.”

Psalm 127:3-5 says that children are a blessing from Him. A blessing is like having a fantastic gift!

Please consider purchasing a copy of MY FAMILY BUSH for your local library, Christian school, Sunday school teacher, Christian counsellor or a step family.

Nathaniel (2017) on receiving his book from the printers.

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