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Sing A Song To Single Mums
You can purchase the book here: Sing A Song To Single Mums – Blended Not Shaken

SING A SONG TO SINGLE MUMS is a sweet rhyming book paying tribute to single mothers everywhere by encouraging their parenting with scripture which affirms that God sees and hears them, He has a plan and they are never forgotten.

This book is dedicated to all the single mums that were a part of the ministry’s support groups that ran over a 5 year period and takes snippets from their experiences as single mothers, creating a realistic story that show their struggles and their joys coupled with the truth of God’s love through His Word.

These scriptures were used in this book:

Scriptures used in this book

The illustrations by Elizabeth Caldecourt, are delightful to children and adults alike.

Please refer to the 5 blog posts titled “Devotional Series” for short Bible study videos surrounding the scriptures used in the book.

SING A SONG TO SINGLE MUMS is a must read book for single mums everywhere. Consider purchasing copies for your school, church or local library today.


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