Tips for blended families

My husband Tony and I have been blending our step family since December 2006 and are both joyful and thankful to be celebrating 15 years of marriage by God’s grace this year. For those who don’t know our story, we were both single parents when we met. We are both strong Christians. We received sound counselling and sought godly wisdom from those we trusted. We have sought to raise our blended family using biblical principles and encourage others in the same situation to follow our example. While we haven’t always gotten it right (just ask our 4 children!), our heart’s desire is to honour the Lord through our lives and family and pray others do the same. The books I have written and continue to write for single and step parent families are a ministry to this group of people in the Christian community.

Below are 11 tips we offer to those who are seriously considering blending a new family or who are already a blended family looking for advice.

1.Keep the Lord at the centre of your marriage and family

2.Be stable, consistent and gracious with all your children

3.Realise you are responsible for for your own household

4.Spend quality time with your biological children

5.Foster healthy relationships with your step children

6.Give your children the freedom to love both parents

7.Stay positive when talking of the other parent (your ex)

8.Provide safe, predictable and brief handovers/handbacks

9.Give children grace in the transition between households

10.Ensure your home has routine, structure and organisation

11.Create new family traditions and memories

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