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What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you? The best compliment you have ever received? For me, a number of compliments spring to mind.

“You are so like your mum.”
“Aren’t you your father’s daughter?”
“I like your honesty.”

But I believe that the best compliment that can be paid to a Christian person is that they are godly.

Godliness is devotion to God which results in a life that is pleasing to God. (J.Bridges, “The Practice of Godliness”)

“For physical training is of some value, but GODLINESS has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Tim. 4:8

We find in God’s word that we are to train ourselves to be godly, that the’knowledge of the truth leads to godliness’ (Titus 1:1) and that we are to ‘pursue’ godliness; this verb itself indicating a relentless, persevering effort. The Bible also tells us that godliness with contentment is great gain and that godly people pray for those in authority over them. To live a godly life, as it says in 1 Timothy has value for ALL things.

The scriptures do not allude to godliness happening by chance or osmosis but rather is a partnership with the Holy Spirit after our conversion as well as a responsibility on our part. It is both a privilege and a duty of every Christian to pursue, to train themselves to be GODLY.

So, a Christian person is not necessarily a godly person- unfortunately.. and we see this tragic reality played out in our churches, communities and homes. Of course it is important to clarify at this point that each of us are fallen human beings with our lives not pleasing to God all the time but rather it is a state of our hearts and a motivation of our minds as to whether we desire to become godly people.

If we truly are motivated to pursue godliness, we will desire to become close to the One who embodies righteousness and holiness- GOD Himself.

Godliness is not an accessory we adorn when it suits a particular outfit we are wearing but rather is a necessary and daily, integral part of who we are and what we are becoming.

When our lives are devoted to God, where we attempt to place Him first in every sphere of our lives, He is glorified and we are blessed.The atmosphere of our homes and churches change. Our relationships with each other improves and deepens.

Godly people pursuing godly ways is a beautiful thing to witness. We see in ourselves responses rather than reactions to adverse circumstances, greater patience for those who grieve us and further extensions of grace in all our dealings. The fragrance of God will permeate everywhere we tread and in all we do because we have a deep awareness of Whose we are and to Whom we are representing.

And please remember a most important fact- The Bible says that ‘GOD HAS ALREADY GIVEN US ALL WE NEED FOR LIFE AND GODLINESS’. That same power that raised Jesus from the dead dwells within all who are Christ’s followers and living a godly life is attainable this side of eternity.

So let us seek after godliness in a deeper way like never before as we embark into 2017 and as we do, I believe we will see breakthroughs in areas where there have been blockages, strained and poor relationships restored or improved and further evidence of God’s favour in our lives.

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