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September came and went in such a whirlwind that I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to write my blog. So I’m attempting to make amends by writing on the first day of the new month- October and who knows? I may write two entries instead of one!

Last Sunday,I had the opportunity to share some of my testimony at our church. In preparing for this, I needed to condense 39 years of walking with the Lord in approximately 10 minutes. No easy feat!

I came to know the Lord in 1980. I was 8 years old. Three years later, I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of which was being able to speak in tongues. Then,in 1986 I went through the waters of baptism. I received my first Bible (NKJV of course) on my 12th birthday from my parents. I showed this to my church family as I was sharing. I explained my love of the scriptures I had from an early age and how I desired to live a life that glorified the Lord and was a good witness to others. I also confessed that along with these desires, self righteousness, pride and ungodly piety often found their home in my heart and that how the next 25 plus years of my life the Lord has refined me in such a way that I hoped I was closer to being like Jesus in displaying a level of humility, empathy and a non judgmental attitude I didn’t have in my teens and early 20’s.

I shared very briefly that I had endured two failed marriages, domestic violence and single parenting. I was able to attest to God’s unfailing love,His comfort, provision and miraculous intervention at specific times in my unfolding story. I was able to testify to the Lord’s sustaining power, His providence and His leading. I was able to share that the many and varied experiences in my life have brought me closer to Him and deeper in His Word along with founding a ministry and writing books for other single and step parent families. It was at this point I showed my 4 published books. These books are a part of my children’s stories.

I was able to weave a few of the many scriptures I had memorized over my Christian life while I shared some of my story.

I shared all this amidst many tears and my church family shed tears as they listened.

Two others- Eric and Jarrad also shared some of their story that day. It was a powerful time in the life of our young church. People were blessed, challenged and impacted by the power of our stories. Each of us were able to proclaim the words from Revelation 12:11,

” They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony..”

I write all this to say… tell YOUR story!

“A testimony is not just one event in your life that defines or answers all-it is a continuous journey with uncertain terrains, challenges and obstacles. These trials build us, making us stronger and leading us in a path of faith.” (M. Cavallo)

A testimony comes from the Latin and means ‘witness’. Simply put, our stories should bear witness to what God has done, who He is and how we’ve come to know this. Our story is not to show others how good we are or what we have done. Our story is to point others to Him. Our story needs to reveal His character and bring Him glory.

Have the courage to talk with others, to be honest and vulnerable in your sharing. You have no idea the impact your story will have upon others and perhaps help them in their life.

I wrote at the start that September was a whirlwind; very busy. But it was also a difficult month. Without divulging details, I thought I’d end this blog with a series of black and white images which has been popular recently on Facebook. People were posting black and white pictures without explanation of their day/month/life.

Here are a few of mine.. Blessings xx

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