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Let’s Shout Out To Single Dads (soft-cover) – Blended Not Shaken

Let’s shout out to Single Dads is a colourful rhyming book paying tribute to single dads everywhere by encouraging their parenting way with scripture and affirming that God’s way guarantees a home filled with peace and a heart strengthened by hope and courage.

Dads often get a bad rap and single dads more so. I wrote this book in the hope that single dads and their families can read this little book and gain lots of encouragement and know their God helps them along the way in every way. Chris has done a marvellous job with the illustrations; they are full of colour and fun as well as at times, poignant too. The book addresses many of the day

There are also a set of two 11×14 inch prints from the book that, when framed, add scripture and beauty to a child’s bedroom.

Set of 2 prints from ‘Let’s Shout Out To Single Dads’ – Blended Not Shaken
As with all of my books, they are scripture rich. The scriptures used in Let’s Shout Out are listed below:
You can find colour in sheets related to the book by clicking the link below. Here is one of sheets: “The Bible says that even youths will tire and grow weak. But those who wait upon the Lord will rise on eagle’s wings.”
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