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Dealing with your Goliaths.

How often have you needed to get God’s perspective back into focus whenever you have come across setbacks in your life? Have there been times when you felt that you’ve experienced more road blocks than you believed is possible for one person to deal with? When you wonder if you are even on the right ‘track’ at all? And when most of your prayers seem to start with ‘Why Lord’? I have. Often. In fact, I’m in that season right now. A season where I feel who I am and what I do seem weak and insignificant. The longer I’ve known the Lord though, the less time I take to wallow in any self pity, doubt or worry. Instead I go quickly to Him, pour out my heart in prayer and quiet time and wait for Him to speak to me through His Word. As is God’s way, “He rewards those who diligently seek Him”(Hebrews 11:6-7) and it wasn’t long before the Lord was speaking to my heart. On this particular occasion, I happened to be going on one of my walks around our neighbourhood which is the main way I exercise. Feeling small and quite insignificant but determined to wait for the Lord’s voice, He was quick to remind me that David, when just a young boy, killed Goliath and defeated the entire Philistine army with just one stone. There was nothing special about that stone or any of the other four stones David collected to use in his sling that day. His victory was because God was with him. One of the lessons we can take from the David vs Goliath story is this: God uses what seems ordinary and creates something extraordinary from it. He used a young shepherd boy who was often overlooked by his own family to slay the giant Philistine. And this incredible scene played out in front of David’s older brothers who had mocked him for his courage, King Saul and the entire Israelite and Philistine armies who were both at a military stalemate.

I sensed the Lord say to me,”If I can show through My Word that just one stone from a young boy can kill a huge giant, shouldn’t this give you courage to believe that I can use any small offering you present to Me and create something great from it?”

The tears came. I was thankful to be wearing sunglasses and that not many people were out and about to see me walking and crying. Then, the Lord brought to mind other similar stories of the seemingly ordinary and insignificant; Moses’ staff, Gideon’s army who used lamps and horns to win the battle, Jericho’s wall that couldn’t stand up under the shouts of Joshua’s Israelites, mud and spit curing blindness and a child’s lunch of rolls and fish feeding a multitude. These are but a few examples in Scripture where “the Lord has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and He has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.”(1 Cor. 1:27)

If God is in the business of using the small, young, weak, inexperienced, financially challenged, uneducated and unknown, He can certainly use all of us! Whatever offering you bring to Him, so long as it’s coupled with “clean hands and a pure heart”( Psalm 24:4), He can use it in ways too wonderful for you to comprehend. However you see yourself today, be encouraged with the knowledge that “He sees you, knows you and is acquainted with all your ways.” (Psalm 139)

I’m hopeful that, after reading this blog, your focus has shifted from your own feelings of self doubt and worry, to our most significant God, whose love for you and plan for your future is really all that matters.

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