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Who loves the story of Joseph? I certainly do. From knowing

of the love his parents had for him, his big blended family and his bigger dreams, I can relate in some ways to Joseph’s story. Although I grew up in a loving, nuclear home, I felt left out and unappreciated by most of my peers at school during my teenage years. Some of this was my own doing as I was never interested in following the crowd and liked my own company. However, I still felt the sting of being different and misunderstood. Joseph stood apart from his brothers in that God instilled dreams within him that he (probably unwisely and proudly) shared with his family that caused misunderstanding and further envy, the result of which was his brothers cruelly selling him to Egyptian traders where Joseph’s next 20 years was unfairly defined by slavery, abuse and imprisonment.

I cannot say that my brothers have ever sold me into slavery. I do not know what it would be like to be thrown into prison for years for a crime I did not commit. I cannot relate to being so far away from my family in a foreign country. But I have been falsely accused by people I called my friends. I have been lied about by ex spouses. I have been excommunicated from a church for failing to return to an abusive marriage. I have had pastors tell people not to associate with me because I am a divorcee. Although our stories are different in many ways, I can relate to how Joseph must of felt and thought many times. “Where are you God?” “Why are you allowing this mistreatment?” “Please vindicate me.”

Thankfully Joseph’s story has an amazing ending. In the Lord’s timing, he is released from prison, is able to use his God- given gift of interpreting dreams with Pharaoh who elevates him into the 2IC position, saves Egypt and surrounding countries from the 7 year famine and is eventually reconciled with his family.

I too can attest to God’s faithfulness, providence and restoration over my life. As Joseph was refined during his years of slavery and imprisonment in readiness for the immense plan God had for him, I can see that the Lord’s refinement of me is for plans He has in store that only He knows.

I came across a beautiful song recently from the animated movie ‘Joseph: King of Dreams’. “Better Than I”

Have a listen:

So…no matter what you’ve gone through in the past or are experiencing now, remember this truth- God knows better than you. Don’t try to work it out yourself or give up. Be like Joseph who grew better at trusting the Lord with his life and circumstances.

Joseph’s words to his brothers -“Do not be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here….God sent me before you to preserve life….” Gen. 45:5, 6

You can read Joseph’s full story in Genesis 37- 50.

Other scriptures about God’s Providence:

Psalm 103:19
Job 11:7-9
Romans 8:28
Psalm 22:28
Matthew 6:26
Exodus 19:4
Isaiah 50:2
Psalm 145:15-16



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