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The title of this blog reflects such a confidence in the psalmist and although only 7 words long, this favourite verse of mine is packed with meaning and assurance.

Firstly, it is GOD alone that will perfect that which concerns me. Not my faith or lack thereof; not my performance nor my inner reserves of anything godly but HIM. This knowledge that I allow to permeate my soul and transform my mind of my all capable God who knows all things and holds all things in the palm of His hand and is the ONLY One who will perfect, complete, bring to fulfillment all that concerns me, invokes in me a deep assurance indeed. Not only that, but this profound knowledge of God’s absolute sovereignty coupled with nothing of me, brings deep release to my spirit.

Secondly, the WILL is a promise. We do not read ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’ or ‘hopefully’ but WILL! Any ‘wills’ in scripture signify God’s promises to me and builds my hope and faith.

Thirdly, the Kings James version word choice of ‘PERFECT’ is well chosen. The NIV uses the verb ‘vindicate’, the NLV states ‘work out’ and the ESV says ‘fulfill’. Other translations include such words as ‘accomplish’, ‘complete’, ‘avenge’, or’do everything for’ but my preferred NKJV ‘perfect’ is truly the best descriptive verb for my high achieving, slightly perfectionist bend. ūüôā But isn’t the word PERFECT the best way God accomplishes everything? The Word says that “He makes all things well.” When He created the world it was “good”, human creation was “very good” and in our mothers womb, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” God will more than just vindicate my cause, fulfill His promises, complete me for every good work, avenge me from my enemies, and allow me to work out my own salvation but WILL PERFECT everything that concerns me as well. What a loving Father we have! What a God we serve and worship!

But…What concerns me? The photo that accompanies this blog should give a fair indication. Each of my children are a deep concern of mine. I am concerned for their spiritual well being, their physical safety, the friends they choose, the spouse they may marry, whether they will choose God’s will for their lives and so on. Our blended family, my marriage to Tony and what the Lord has planned in our future, my extended family, the book ministry, the ministry’s support groups and every precious person and their families in them, my service to our children’s Christian school board are some of what concerns me. But whatever concerns me, concerned Him first and more so. How reassuring!

Lastly, this precious verse reveals that the same God who flung stars into space and with a word spoke the world and everything in it into being, is wanting me to know that as He cared personally for the psalmist, He also cares for me. His Word says “He is intimately acquainted with all my ways”, the “very hairs of my head are all numbered” and He even “knows my thoughts from afar”. How comforting! How beautiful! This bring me deep peace. For those reading this blog, I hope and pray its contents have been a blessing to you and have increased your own faith, built up your hope and given you deeper peace and assurance in your heart.

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  1. I truly loved reading this. I was running back and forth praising God and glorifying him for his awesomeness and love for us. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hello Alex. Thank you for your encouraging feedback. May the Lord richly bless you.

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